Unity in Adversity


































I never ever proposed to make Found Us a political platform or voice piece for myself. In fact my blogging, e-mailing is ad hoc and with the intention of being amusing or interesting or both. I take the view that there is enough “material” on the likes of LinkedIn for people to read, waste time on, roll eyeballs etc. So the last I want to do is add my two pennies worth to it all.

HOWEVER, something caught my attention today, as well as incensed me. It was something someone had posted on Twitter. A simple photograph. I think this summed up two crucial things.

Firstly people need each other throughout the country during these difficult times, and deep down realise this. This is humanity. It is something that transcends petty squabbles. It is about giving, and surrendering one’s own needs for those of a fellow person(s).

Secondly, some people I suspect potentially have another agenda, which in my humble opinion is shocking and goes beyond humanity. I do understand hard decisions need to be made and as a business owner am currently making them all the time.  If “I” is placed before “we”, we grow small as a nation, as a culture, as a people, as individuals because of this.

I strongly feel that we are rich as a nation, a culture, an economy. The have’s can give to the have not’s, and in doing so feel a sense of being right, correct, taking their place in a just and equitable society.

What I see is an elite, a minority (if we call them that) who act it appears without consideration for others, only considering what is their own self interest. But what is their self interest? I think we need to examine this.

I don’t honestly think these people necessarily consciously act as though in a Shakespeare play. People are too busy, automatic, in motion to plan actions as though a precise crime novel. I believe they have a way of living that they are attuned to, has become part of them, is all they have known. They look to past misdemeanours against them, they look to what may be. They do not live in the now and I would argue are not only morally bankrupt, unhappy, but poor in character, poor in the life that surrounds and flows through us. The richness of every moment bypasses them.

I am all in favour of self volition, being an entrepreneur, ambition, creating wealth. But you can do this whilst looking to the greater good, giving to people, sharing what you have. In doing this you grow as a person, understand, empathise with people, see all the nuances that life has to offer, and live in the present moment; not worrying as to what has been, and what may happen. You don’t become a victim of what you deem to be “success”. And what is success? Can success not be defined as adding to society?

So, what’s a few million quid across a nation of approximately 70 million. It is something we can share the burden of, not to mention pay back at some point, and not necessarily saddle the future generation with. The negotiations and decisions made seem to smack of petty back biting and scoring points, of punishment and ego. What drives these people in pursuit of, and leads them to be trapped by their ego, their arrogance? Where is their humility? These are people who have been rewarded with privileges and lives that most will never taste nor touch. They are sadly trapped in a way of life that rules them.

What can we do?

As people we can show how to live in a way that benefits people. People can learn from this and see that there is another way in this life. We can educate, we can lobby, we can change the world by living in a better way, if there is such a thing.

We can pursue a policy of honesty, being honest with ourselves and our actions, and that of fellows.

This will yield and examination of behaviour and changes.