Rising Early; the countdown to Christmas.

It is roughly 5am on Thursday 17th December and it is hard to think that it is Christmas Eve in a week’s time. 2020 has had an impact on me, family, others, the UK, the world.

But I have (if honest) a sense of serenity and hope and wanted to explain that. Because now is a time where we can disappear, and dreams be stifled. Be we still have ourselves, our identity, our dreams, and each other. And I am grateful for what I/we have,

Ted and Claire
Ted and Claire

2020 has thrown a lot at people out of routine, and with time on their hands, working from home, tension and anxiety and contemplation arise amongst us all. I must admit that I have done a lot of thinking, analysing of self and business, and have before now dug myself into a hole with such thinking. Going around and around and around.

So, what happened? I realised that I was trying to anticipate what may be, what may happen. I was trying to predict and not plan. That was my error. I now understand that macro factors such as Brexit, Covid, the US election etc. etc. etc. are factors that affect us, but to be honest in a global world we will always be affected by macro factors. And to fight them with thought can be a pointless escapade. But you can influence the micro factors that sit within your own realm. But plan and don’t predict, and live in the moment and be reactive to the moment. It is less stressful and allows for clarity of thought which does not become murky with what has been or may come to pass.

  • Let the macro factors roll on, because they will.
  • Focus on the micro factors that you can control.
  • But deal with what is happening now, thus avoiding unravelling your thought process over what cannot be changed.
  • Spend time you have in the current climate learning, meditating, understanding yourself and others. It helps you understand how to manage yourself and others.
  • It is therapeutic to discuss yourself, business, concerns, hopes and aspirations with peers who you respect. You can sound all and sundry off such a person.
  • Accept the old and the new, it is so, so, so important. Learn from the past, but don’t let it prescribe the future.