Nearly Christmas, a time of reflection?

Well it is nearly Christmas for 2020, a challenging year for most. And I think a lot of people will be reflecting, mulling over business gains and losses, and themselves. Which is an understandable form of behaviour, rooted deep in the human psyche, just as much as looking forward and predicting is the other side of this particular coin.

However, how about we challenge this?

You cannot change what has passed, and what will come to pass you have no real control over. The point I look to make here is that time can be spent on reflection, and what may come to pass. One you cannot change (past), one may or may not happen (furture). Is your time therefore best spent in this manner?

It is wise to consider where you are presently when thinking, and looking at your business and yourself.

  • I’m looking at what I want my business to be, a reflection of me, and my skills and experience.
  • The past is the past. I learn from it and implement its lessons, but seek not to dwell.
  • The future I plan for by implementing now the changes I seek from bullet point one. I don’t predict, foresee, mull as this is time wasted and what I think or surmise may not happen.
  • I assess me in the moment, and the same for the business.

Yes, 2020 has been a “crap” year for a lot of people, Found Us included. But define “crap”? This is important. What is this word to Found Us and Peter Cobley? Well in reality revenue is down and that’s it. In fact that is it. I have a business I love, speak to nice people and help them, have my health, my fell running, my wife, Ted the Terrier, and much more. It is important to contextualise what you have, as there are others worse off. I know so from some heart wrenching calls from senior people cast adrift in the current climate.

It is important to have gratitude and humility for what you have, and now is a time to “serve” people. By serve I mean help, assist, give where you can give. It grows you, your business, your integrity. Many are privileged in the advertising community when it comes to remuneration and lifestyle, and this should always be taken into account versus the average wage, and how others live.

Ask yourself, “has 2020 been that tough for me?”

The Positive Encourager’s Book

I strongly recommend this Mike Pegg’s book where he talks of “The art of encouraging people during our time on the planet.”

Encouraging and nurturing people brings out the best in all of us, and now is a time to help people if you have time on your hands and can give, even if it is just advice.

There is never “not enough time” to help people and support them in their growth.

A lose Mission Statement, or way of working Mantra

I personally like the idea of a lose Mission Statement or Mantra by which all threads are pulled together. Mine?

Listen. Do listen to what people have to say, client, candidate, stranger, friend and so on. Value their musings and thoughts.

Assess. Honestly weigh up the information you have been given, researched, and provide an honest and frank answer.

Match. Bring people together in a synergistic way of living, thinking, working.

Give. Give as you receive, and give back more.

This grounds me in my business and life, and ensures I am a rounded human being.