Privacy Policy

Found Us – Privacy Policy

Client and candidate confidentiality is key to our business, and the privacy of your information is protected by the following commitment:

With clients, we maintain confidentiality with regard to sensitive company information. We offer full transparency with our work so that each client remains fully informed at any given time, and they have full accountability of the team at Found Us via our client facing terms and conditions.

With candidates, we understand the importance of confidentiality when looking for a new role. All conversations and correspondence is confidential, with a clear code of conduct that forms part of our candidate terms and conditions. At no point do we contact a prospective employer about a candidate without their permission, and equally we never send CVs unless we have the full authority of the candidate.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

• We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

• We only hold information on both clients or candidates where consent is given, or for Legitimate Interests, or where we are in a contractual relationship.

• Where we hold any information, and this includes for example client briefs or candidate CVs, the client and candidate have the right to contact Found Us and to ask what information we hold, and  for the permanent deletion of such information, which we will confirm.

• We have a robust data protection policy to ensure the security of information we hold, and what action we would take if a breach of information were to occur. This can be provided on request or can be accessed here.

• Information we hold is held via e-mail (Microsoft 365), our CRM (Nutshell), MailChimp, SMS messages (Vodafone, 07876 684899), Facebook Messenger, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.

• All data is secure, and access limited to Directors only of Found Us (Controllers). Where we use a third party (Processor) to manage information, i.e. Kuvalab our design agency for MailChimp newsletter sends (ad hoc), LinkedIn, Nutshell, and Microsoft 365, we will disclose this and obtain express permission from a candidate or client, whilst ensuring the third Party adhere to the GDPR and meet out information requirements. 

• Typically, with candidates we hold name, contact details, and in some cases CV.

• Typically, with clients we hold name, contact details, and in some cases brief or company information.

• Found Us is a trading name of Peter Cobley Recruitment Ltd (registered in England and Wales at Companies House, Company number 08917411).