Advise, Match, Give

After a lot of thinking over six successful years of business, and by success I also mean failure I learnt about myself and my business.

What did I want to be as a person, and how should my business reflect me? The three principles below are a distillation of years of Found Us and previous roles, plus all those years of non-work life.


I take pleasure helping people with advice based on the experience that I possess, both personal and business. Often being sought after “to run things by me”.


One of my key facets and talents is to spot how people can connect, like a proverbial jigsaw puzzle. It is something I have been good at personally and in business for years. I seem to spot how people can work together.


This is my most important business and life principle. Hence it is in caps. We sadly live in a world with a lot of “have nots” and it seems to be getting worse. I have always strongly believed in giving back and you will be rewarded. For me Found Us is about helping people when they ask for help even if money is not involved or cannot be earnt. We are nothing if we cannot help a fellow human being.

Ted? Why a photo of Chairman Ted? Because he gives love all the time, unrequited, has no material possessions, and lives for the moment. Maybe we should try and be a bit “Ted like”.