Break, Change, Stasis, Fells, Election…

It has been a while since I have had a chance to post on my beloved Found Us Blog, but sometimes we have to take time out from things for a variety of reasons. And a break can be a good thing, to thus also introduce and allow for change, and also allow for the fact you cannot be in all places at once, or be available for all people.

Since my last blog entry in July a lot has happened since. Politics wise we have a majority Conservative led government as of yesterday. This is change certainly and will lead to the exit from the European Union. For many this brings change and potential uncertainty. But irrespective of your political views, change can create opportunity, and at least we have direction (though you may not agree with that direction.)

For me, on the business side of Found Us, it has been a tough trading year as the uncertainty has plagued decision making by both candidates and clients, even at senior level. Despite all of this, it’s still been a successful year in its own right. But with your head held high in times of adversity sticking to your principles is a crucial thing I have learnt from 2019, and you deal with this adversity while focusing on what change brings. That way you do not deviate from what, who, and how you are. You ascribe to your personal brand values, and I think when you work closely with people as I do you maintain a sense of integrity and honesty; all so vital for people when they are making a crucial decision to their career and for that matter their life. I think it has been a worrying time for a lot of people and when you have a family and home to maintain, more so.

  • Uncertainty is part of progressing through life and should be embraced and welcomed.
  • Welcomed? It can stimulate you to take action, to make change.
  • But you do not always have to make change, sometimes it can be good to be swept along by changing times, and take a break from it all – as has happened to me over the last two months, which for myself has created an alternate perspective on life.
  • The maelstrom of change from my October Blog entry has show me HOW we can come together as a “people” and look after each other, and roles, jobs, careers – whatever you want to call them – become insignificant in the universe. It is about looking and finding the best in people and showing them what proverbially lies on their own doorstep. “Empowering their humanity” so they are themselves happy in what they do, growing themselves and others. Sadly, not all see this.
  • I learnt that Found Us is about Advising, Matching, Giving – so bringing out the best in me, and the people I meet. It’s hard at times, but works for me as an approach.
  • It is also an approach I take to life in general.
  • And alternatives, like change, enliven us, stimulate us, grow us.


A trip to Scotland and Arisaig

After the Langdale Horseshoe fell race in October we headed to Arisaig with Claire’s parents (whilst being visited by other relatives) to stay at a lovely and large holiday home we have used before. Whilst I had to work, it was relaxing, and allowed for good company and some wonderful running in what is known as “The Rough Bounds

Arisaig and The Rough Bounds.


One highly recommended run (or walk) is to the ruins of Peanmeanach on a remote peninsular; deserted as a result of the infamous Clearances


Re-created croft (modern roof) at Peanmeanach.


NOW onto some notable fell running in the last two months since the Langdale Horseshoe in October.


Penmaenmawr Fell Race – November 2019

Descending to the finish.


A number of the motley warriors from the Saddleworth Runners made their way to Capelulo Village in Wales on a damp and dreary Saturday 16th November. Some of us, including Claire my wife and myself, had driven from the Outdoor Alternative centre at Rhoscolyn where a posse of us from the Saddleworth Runners were staying for the weekend. As the weather deteriorated we set off to eventually run into some quality clag after the initial 1,000 or so feet of climb. Navigation was “pants” after the first checkpoint and a number of leading runners managed to mis-navigate across a barren and wild moor heading for checkpoint two – me included. Despite this navigational wobble I continued on at quite a respectable pace in poor conditions via the various checkpoints to make it back in sodden fashion to the finish in the village.

As ever a wonderful race with great hospitality and organisation.

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Lee Mill Fell Relays – November 2019

Another winter classic in the fell running calendar for the following reasons:

  • You run a 6.5 mile course on the moors above Bacup.
  • It is November and the weather can be brutal at times.
  • You run in a team four trying to achieve the fastest team time.
  • The race attracts some damn fine fell runners.


The “Saddleworth Fellas” Team.


I was running with Des Thorpe, Kevin Jones, and Nick Haynes. All of us, apart from Des veterans of this course. Thankfully the weather was just right for running on the moors. Clear visibility, little cold, damp. We were all apprehensive but excited at the extravaganza to befall us… All in all it was and is a great relay race with the usual long tough initial climb to the highest point (Trig Point at Top of Leach above the Rossendale Valley) followed by the exhilarating speedy downhill run over what can be treacherous bog to beneath the disused Britannia Quarry with a gut wrenching climb out to run alongside the quarry before a speedy descent to the finish. Highly recommended.

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The Five Trigs with Sam and Jon

Sunday 1st December saw Sam and Jon run the 5 Trigs challenge with myself. It’s a club challenge that the Saddleworth Runners have been doing for yonks it seems. I’d run it a few years back with Des Thorpe and thoroughly enjoyed it, so suggested it as a Sunday run with two people choosing to join me. No pressure then on the navigation. There are five Trig Points that we strove to get under 5 hours. This is the route we chose but you can run it in reverse. You start and finish at The Clarence pub in Greenfield at the bottom of the Holmfirth Road. So there we were “bright as buttons” ready to go.

  1. Broad Stone Trig.
  2. West Nab Trig.
  3. Black Hill Trig.
  4. Featherbed Moss Trig.
  5. Alphin Pike Trig.


And we were off by roughly 8.30am taking a route up to Broad Stone via Tunstead Lane. It was quite cold and as we climbed into the hills we saw just how frosty and stunning the scenery was.


West Nab Trig.


It is a great little local challenge at 20 miles with roughly 3,200 feet of cumulative climb across a variety of terrain and taking in part of the Pennine Way.

One of the highlights was the 360 degree vista we received at the summit of West Nab that sits close to the Holmfirth Road and Pennine Way.

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Final Thoughts…

All in all a varied two months that saw Arisaig across to the Saddleworth Moors to a General Election and in that time I had not posted to my blog. In looking back to what had happened I was stunned to realise I had missed out the half term trip with Claire and her parents to Arisaig which I have now entered into the Blog entry.

This brings me to stasis. No matter what happens, no matter when you feel you are going nowhere or have forgotten where you have been, you are actually moving through life, and life is moving through you. Don’t forget that. It is natural, and you will be surprised at where you have been when you look back. Hence my thought as to “break” not actually being a “break” – we are very changing, and change is normal. We are “creatures of change and flux.” That’s why we should all keep at it when it comes to life.